The Quest

The Quest. Foreword: I have always loved words, stories in particular. As a young child I would immerse myself in books. I would go along on a journey with the characters. I would imagine myself walking side by side with them; being part of their world. I would write short stories as a child. I wince now at how poor they must have been. However, to me as a young boy, the creative freedom I felt, the excitement of putting pen to paper has not left me. More now in modern times, it is more digit to keyboard, though the feeling is identical. I wrote The Quest way back in the year 2000 on a quiet Saturday shift at work. I think I wrote it in about 15 minutes. After you have read it, you may think, "yes, it shows"  I do remember however, the thrill of writing it, the words just kept on flowing. I hope you enjoy. THE QUEST The sky was dark, foreboding, and the wind sending the dark menacing clouds into frenzy. Whipping them across the sky, only to be interrupted by sha